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  • 售后:安装和调试
  • 更新:半年更新免费
  • 主题适应:PC与移动端自适应
  • 界面语言:英文
  • 安装向导:一键导入演示数据
  • 退换货:虚拟物品不可退款
  • 适用范围:加密货币、时尚、食品、生活方式、现代、博客、旅游、奢侈品、极简主义项目等
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Version 10.3.7 – October 15th, 2020

  • new: Mobile Pages and Templates System – With the Newspaper Theme, you can now create new pages and templates, especially for mobile devices. You can easily build a new version of the homepage, a single template, or a light customized header version only for mobile users using the tagDiv Composer page builder;
  • new: Font Analysis Tool is now available in Newspaper Theme to help you manage and optimize the fonts on each page, post, and template. Under the Website Manager section in the tagDiv Composer page builder, you can see the analysis of all the fonts currently in use on a page/template. You can also dynamically change specific fonts on all elements to increase the consistency;
  • new: Blank Mobile Templates and pages – The tagDiv Cloud Library has new mobile templates. Soon we will deliver more optimized mobile templates for homepages, headers, footers and so on;
  • new: The Website Manager has a new interface available in the tagDiv Composer page builder;
  • new: Install demos new interface;
  • new: 3 New one-click installable PRO Demos created with the tagDiv Cloud Library & tagDiv Composer:
  • new: Garden PRO – View Demo ;
  • new: Arette PRO – View Demo ;
  • new: Artist PRO- View Demo ;
  • new: More Cloud Library templates;
  • new: Flickr block;
  • misc: We’ve updated the WPBakery plugin to the latest version;
  • misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • misc: Order Icons option on the Social Icons shortcode;
  • misc: Added time to slide on the Newsticker element;
  • misc: Whatsapp Web – the Whatsapp share icon now also appears on the desktop version;
  • fix: Smartlist with pagination;
  • fix: jQuery migrate warnings;
  • fix: Background image when the image has caption;
  • fix: Youtube playlist on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Pagination issue on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Featured image as background;
  • fix: Video Ad global title;
  • fix: Modal image option issue;
  • fix: Archive Cloud Template bug;
  • fix: Edit 404 template with the Yoast premium plugin bug;
  • fix: Social Sharing buttons when a Vimeo video is set in the post;
  • fix: Woocommerce settings in Theme Panel;
  • fix: Other CSS changes;
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