Best Support System v2.2.2-实时在线聊天和客户支持工单帮助中心


Best Support System是自托管的支持工单应用程序,它处理支持工单、管理电子邮件工单并通过Paypal收取任何款项。它具有易于安装的功能,因此您不需要任何编程技能。我们将定期更新该系统。该系统本身具有自动更新功能,您可以随时随地在线更新。


Features Summery

  • Easy Web Installer: Easy to use step by step installer wizard will let you install get your service up and running within minutes. Requires no programming skills.
  • Remote Server Login (Single sign on – SSO)It’s a special and unique feature. If you have any existing service with lot of existing user. And you want to use that service’s login in this application, then you can do that easily in this app.
  • Web ChatBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 1 Live web chat feature added. You client can contact with your agent using live chat. You can set easily everyting
  • Knowledge Base : All site are full of knowledge article. If any visitor missed any knowledge then it will suggest always on ticket opening. So it reduces ticket volume.
  • Email to Ticket (Email Piping): Tickets can be created by simply sending an email. Ticket responses can also be created by replying to the same email.
  • User feedback:Feedbacks are collected through special emails sent out to user with a like and a dislike button. These buttons link to a feedback form which the users can use to provided their detailed feedback.It’s a unique feature of this application.
  • Proactive Search:Easy to use search – smart search engine can find relevant articles even with spelling mistakes
  • Timezone Control:  It’s another unique feature of this application. It auto control the timezone based your user’s IP. That means user will see user’s timezone time and Admin will see admin’t timezone time.
  • Highly Secured: Uploaded file security, CSRF protection, brute force security, admin user login failure auto backoff, auto suspicious IP block. You can also manally block any ip or release any ip.
  • Category-wise Custom Fields: You can set category wise custome field on ticket creation. We know all field are not suitable for all category so we can add field for all category or for indivisual category. You can add envato purchase key verification input box as well.
  • Social Network Integration : It has Envato , Google,Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, GitHub and Yahoo user’s login module. You can choose all of any. It has a nice control panel for social network integration.
  • Customized Payment : It’s a very useful feature.You can set a payment of any amount for any service (i.e., hosting fee, maintenance fees) from on any ticket when required.
  • Envato module integration : Product code verification and support duration checks with envato API.And also Login Using Envato Button
  • Multiple Text Editors:Use the rich text editor of your choice.
  • Customizable Roles and Privileges: Create user groups with roles and privileges of your choice and add the intended users to the group. You have full control your application. You can create any named role with any privileges.
  • Additional Menus : Create your own customized menus through the admin panel
  • Easy Customizable Email Templates and Canned Message: Modify pre-existing templates to send emails to customers. we don’t want to say much on it, Our hardly request to see once in live preview then you will see how easy it is.
  • Easy Customizable Canned Message : It also same as email template. So easy to design or write any canned message.
  • Announcements or notifications : Create announcements or notifications for visitors or admin users or both with start time and end time. Sometimes you may want to display any message to your visitor then you can use it.
  • Multiple Theme & Any App Color : It has multiple theme and you can choose any color of that theme. We will design many theme in future time to time in future version. It has auto update feature so you will get all theme in future.
  • Manage File Upload : Limit file upload with size and type. And another unique feature is all uploaded file only accessable by admin user and only that user who is uploaded. So no one can download any private file if they have the file direct link too.
  • Auto Update System: You will get a notification with update details when updates comes, then you just need to press a button to update. Thats it.
  • Multi-Languages: Yes,it is supported multi-language. You can also choose language separately for Admin Panel and Site
  • Admin Notification: There there two type of setting for admin notification. First one is Email Notification and second one is On Screen Notification
  • Ticket Auto ClosingBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 2 Ticket auto closing feature added. Ticket will be close by your settings
  • GDPR ComplianceBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 3 Yes, It has GDPR Compliance setting you can enable it easily
  • Work Log Best Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 4 Staff can add work log and can see the full work log in ticket details.
  • Ticket Auto Assign RuleBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 5 Ticket auto assigning rule added. By this feature you can set your rule for assign.This rule will be work like a supervisor
  • Ticket Auto Closing:Best Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 6 Admin can create ticket on behalf of client.
  • Admin NoteBest Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Support Desk & Support Ticket Help Centre - 7 Admin can add note on Ticket or Client
  • Lifetime License: There are no recurring fees. Purchase once and use it for lifetime.


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